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Art Process

Marilyn Sholin is an Asheville, NC mixed media artist specializing in creating custom artwork for and about breweries, bars, restaurants, wine bars and wineries and coffee bars and coffee shops. Her wine and beer art also include liquor brands and wine glass art and bottle art.

When Marilyn was growing up, her two older brothers had a darkroom in the basement. She was mesmerized by the apparent magic that enabled pictures to appear in what looked like water. This fascination turned into a lifelong pursuit of photography and she became a professional photographer with clients coming to her Miami studio from all over the United States, South America and Canada.

Eventually she became interested in going further and she turned her artistic interests to painting. The paintings all begin with multiple photo references that she synthesizes into one image that she manipulates digitally and prints on canvas. Then she picks up a brush and paints the painting with acrylics and other mediums in many layers. Many times adding bits of fabric and other textures into the painting reaching the mixed media finished piece. The end process is the transition of the painting back to a digital file that can be printed on infused metals, giclee canvas and fine art paper and other substrates for collectors.

Marilyn’s paintings have hung in the Asheville Regional Airport, in many shows and galleries in Asheville area restaurants, breweries and wine stores.

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