Asheville Living


So we moved from Miami Florida  to Asheville NC December 10, 2007 and life hasn’t been the same since then. We packed up the condo, the studio and my storage space plus three cats in our car and we headed out bravely to the mountains. It was a twelve hour drive straight through to arrive cold and hungry at a Holiday Inn that is pet friendly. We had to stay there until the movers arrived with everything.

Asheville is a great place to visit and even better to live in. First, we love having SEASONS again! Yay! No more humidity so thick we could cut it with a knife and we got to see leaves change colors and fall and flowers bloom in spring. We really love it here!

If you want to visit Asheville for fun or if you are taking a workshop with me and want to know more about the area, let me know and I can send you our favorite restaurants and stuff to do here.

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