Appreciating the Art of Wine

Living in Asheville NC the emphasis has always been on the art of craft beer and the breweries here in Beer City. Now it’s becoming a boom town for wine bars and the art of wine. There are classes and tasting going on all the time. People are eager to learn about wine and toContinue reading “Appreciating the Art of Wine”

Obsessed with Wine and Beer Painting in Asheville NC

Always looking for new painting references and I have found some great bar art for my paintings.   It’s been a great beginning to the new year. I’m totally obsessed with my Wine and Beer Paintings in Asheville but even better we are now in South Carolina! I’m excited that I have also added restaurant hospitalityContinue reading “Obsessed with Wine and Beer Painting in Asheville NC”

Hello October in Asheville NC

Let the Holiday Shopping Begin in Asheville NC Asheville is amazing in the fall season.  The Fall Holiday season is always so cool in Asheville NC for so many reasons. The beautiful fall weather is first and second is it’s the beginning of shopping season for the holidays! I love when people send me picturesContinue reading “Hello October in Asheville NC”

Asheville Living

ASHEVILLE Living So we moved from Miami Florida  to Asheville NC December 10, 2007 and life hasn’t been the same since then. We packed up the condo, the studio and my storage space plus three cats in our car and we headed out bravely to the mountains. It was a twelve hour drive straight throughContinue reading “Asheville Living”