Appreciating the Art of Wine

Living in Asheville NC the emphasis has always been on the art of craft beer and the breweries here in Beer City. Now it’s becoming a boom town for wine bars and the art of wine. There are classes and tasting going on all the time. People are eager to learn about wine and to have wine art hanging in their homes. My wine art is available framed or reproduction prints, on canvas both originals and glicee embellished or on infused metals there are many who also like to have their home bar decorated in many of these variations. Right now we have a sale going on to clear 8×10 frames from our inventory. We no longer  carry them but instead will have a mix of miniature gallery wrapped canvas which is a much more beautiful presentation.

Easiest way to access the sale is to choose one of the paintings with RED SALE on it and go to that page. Once there Choose CLEAR SELECTION and then you can choose 8×10 and Framed 8×10. Think the upcoming Mothers Day and Fathers Day and put these aside for the holidays and your gifts are done.

Meanwhile add a bottle of wine and two two beautiful wine glasses to your gift. If you are in Asheville you can choose from Metro Wines where they will happily let you taste the wines before purchasing and also will point you to the best buys they have. You can learn more about Gina Trippi and Metro Wines in this article in the Laurel Magazine. Speaking of Laurel magazine they did a wonderful article about me when I had my show at the Woolworth Walk as featured artist.

Two other wine bars to watch for are District Wine Bar in the Historic River Arts area and the new Rustic Grape in downtown Asheville. Both wine bars are brand new and will be perfect for spring sitting outside having a glass of wine. One of most popular paintings is the “Vigneto Pieno” which means the full vineyard and is the perfect gift for someone who just love wine or  you don’t know which they like best. The Art of Wine is just one of my favorite topics. Cocktails and bar art give me more opportunities to create interesting paintings from all kinds of spirits including whiskey, and hard cider and moonshine. More about those later.

Obsessed with Wine and Beer Painting in Asheville NC

Always looking for new painting references and I have found some great bar art for my paintings.


It’s been a great beginning to the new year. I’m totally obsessed with my Wine and Beer Paintings in Asheville but even better we are now in South Carolina! I’m excited that I have also added restaurant hospitality type paintings like these from the Wicked Weed Funkatorium. They were the sponsors of the Festival of Artistry that we were showing at in November. The painting here is “We’re So Funkful” and it’s been hanging in the Woolworth Walk Featured Artist area for the month of January. This canvas is 20×30 1.5 gallery wrap and it’s $650.00 if you want to contact me. I haven’t had time to put it into the shop yet but will soon.

I had eight new original canvas mixed media there and a great opening party! In case you don’t know “beer lingo” Funk is for Sour Beer and the Funkatorium has some delicious ones that will surprise you!

Lots more has been happening and there are two new galleries representing Marilyn Sholin Fine Art paintings. In Seneca SC the lovely Crystal has opened a beautiful space and will have her grand opening next week at Lolbolly Arts. Check her website and scroll down the list of artists and find me!

Another gallery I’m excited about is in Charleston SC right on King Street. We are headed out with a car full of Wine, Beer and Coffee original canvas to fill a wall at Art Mecca of Charleston.

Had a fun Art of Wine Event at Post 25 this week and met so many people interested in my wine paintings and sold some prints of wine and beer paintings and working on a few custom orders also. I have a on going exhibit there in metal paintings on their walls. My newest Patron painting will be there next month. After that the next night we went to Downtown Asheville to a wine tasting and meeting at Metro Wines. We had a great time and tasting meeting Melissa Ward and Patty Wright finding out all about the new wine bar coming to downtown Rustic Grape Wine Bar opening soon! Nice to meet Gina who does all the blogging for Metro Wine. Keep up with all their events on their blog.

Until next week keep up on my Facebook page to follow what is new with my bar art paintings and where to find them!


Hello October in Asheville NC

Let the Holiday Shopping Begin in Asheville NC

Asheville is amazing in the fall season.  The Fall Holiday season is always so cool in Asheville NC for so many reasons. The beautiful fall weather is first and second is it’s the beginning of shopping season for the holidays! I love when people send me pictures of my paintings decorating their homes and how their home will look for their guests during the holidays. Here is one example of a fabulous installed collage by a collector of mine.

A close up of the wall but I love seeing the environment my Marilyn Sholin Fine Art is in because I can see a fun and cozy dining area. Of course if you are here in Asheville you can find my work in the Woolworth Walk and the Kress Emporium but if you are not here you can always go buy it here online at the website. I am hard at work with new paintings not just for the holiday season but also for the Woolworth where I will be the Featured Artist in January 2018! Excited!

If you are in Hendersonville be sure to visit A Walk In the Woods on Main St to see my art there. Quantella who is the owner has quite the eye for great gifts and her beautiful store is very inviting.

There are so many events happening here in October and November it’s hard to choose which ones to go to.

But for me the most fun is going to be the workshop here at my studio where a small group of us will be whipping up ART and learning and laughing together. If you want to learn more about workshops watch this space! I will be all over this coming 2018 at many places teaching and speaking.

Meanwhile shop til you drop and check out my new pillows in the shop! Only a few paintings are being turned into pillows for the galleries but you can order other ones here on the website and it will be delivered directly to you. Take advantage of FREE SHIPPING until November 1st!!

Asheville Home of CRAFT Beers

When we moved to Asheville NC it wasn’t as big a beer town as it is now. There are breweries on every corner and we even have an Asheville Beer Tour and the famous  Pubcycle here! We are not big beer drinkers but we do like to have a taste of everything we can and pick what we like best. So a Beer Flight is usually the way we go. Many times when we are out doing “research” for my “Bar Art” line I get inspired by where I am. Like one of my popular paintings is when we were at Greenman Brewery and I created “I LOVE MY BAR” It was at the original friendly little tap room before the big one was built. We have been here in Asheville long enough to “remember when” things were smaller and quieter but we love the grown and the new hotels and we are thrilled my art hangs in hotels and restaurants here. More about that later.

My art is available for commercial sales and for restaurants in Asheville and everywhere to hang in restaurants and wine stores and breweries. We are fast on delivery and I take commissions also for specific subjects done within my style.

I am also excited to get my product line expanded to pillows and mugs and much more. So much to come!

Asheville Living


So we moved from Miami Florida  to Asheville NC December 10, 2007 and life hasn’t been the same since then. We packed up the condo, the studio and my storage space plus three cats in our car and we headed out bravely to the mountains. It was a twelve hour drive straight through to arrive cold and hungry at a Holiday Inn that is pet friendly. We had to stay there until the movers arrived with everything.

Asheville is a great place to visit and even better to live in. First, we love having SEASONS again! Yay! No more humidity so thick we could cut it with a knife and we got to see leaves change colors and fall and flowers bloom in spring. We really love it here!

If you want to visit Asheville for fun or if you are taking a workshop with me and want to know more about the area, let me know and I can send you our favorite restaurants and stuff to do here.